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Superbags fit over the transom leaving more room in the cockpit. The unique bait bags feature the REVERSE-FLOW system that keeps water clean allowing bait to live longer. Water enters at the top, circulates downward flushing scales and debris from the bag. There are no grommets or mesh panels to clog bait and cause overflow. The side sleeves fit all available mounting brackets. When not in use, Superbags fold up and stow away easily and compactly. Simply pull the clevis pins to remove the brackets and bag. Superbags are available with or without bracket sets.

Molded of nylon and fiberglass the Superbag bracket sets are super strong and non-corrodible. In fact, they are stronger than cast aluminum brackets. Bracket sets include stainless steel clevis pins, pre-drilled fiberglass rods, and four 1 1/4" self-tapping screws that hold the assembly together, making it more rigid and stable.


Model Number (with brackets) Model Number (without brackets) Gallons Dimensions
Length Width Height
SBW-11 SB-11 11 15" 15" 15"
SBW-14 SB-14 14 15" 20" 15"
SBW-18 SB-18 18 15" 24" 15"
SBW-28 SB-28 28 15" 24" 20"


Superbags Plus Models do not require thru-hull installation and feature a complete water pickup and pump system. Each Superbag Plus includes a tank, 4 feet of 1 1/2" outlet hose, 7 feet of 5/8" reinforced inlet hose, a plastic elbow with 5/8" barb, 2 hose clamps, 1 garden hose fitting with 5/8" barb, a mounting strap, an E-Z Release Bracket and submersible 12 volt centrifugal Rule pump. The E-Z Release Bracket and Pump are installed underwater at the transom, flush with the bottom of the boat. Water is pumped up through the filter slots and supplied directly to the Superbag eliminating the need for priming.


Model Number  Gallon   Dimensions Type of Pump
Length Width Height
SBP-11 11 15" 15" 15" 360 GPH
SBP-14 14 15" 20" 15" 360 GPH
SBP-18 18 15" 24" 15" 360 GPH
SBP-28 28 15" 24" 20" 500 GPH


Superbag Cover

Keeps baits in and predators out. The navy blue polyester mesh top is resistant to the sun's ultra-violet rays and features white vinyl sides and Velcro closures.

SBC-15 - Superbag cover - fits 15" x 15" bags
SBC-20 - Superbag cover - fits 15" x 20" bags
SBC-24 - Superbag cover - fits 15" x 24" bags


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