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Self-cleaning durable Supertanks feature the patented REVERSE-FLOW system keeping water cleaner and bait alive longer. Removeable top provides for easy loading and cleaning. The pop-top lid with thumb-hole keeps bait inside the tank.

Supertank Plus
Each Supertank Plus has a complete water pickup and pump system mounted directly to the tank (see photo). Included with each tank is a 12-volt centrifugal pump, open-flow priming bulb, 7 feet of reinforced vinyl inlet hose, four feet of 1 1/4" outlet hose, and Aqua-Scoop water pickup with kelp filter and mounting bracket.


Supertank Model
Supertank Plus
Model Number
Gallons Dimensions Type of pump on Plus models
Diameter Height
ST-8 STP-8 8 15-3/4" 17-1/2" 500 GHP
ST-16 STP-16 16 19-1/2" 22-1/2" 700 GHP
ST-24 STP-24 24 22-3/4" 27-1/4" 700 GHP



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